Dr. Techeira

Veterinarian & Practice Owner

Dr.Techeira grew up on the beautiful island of Antigua in the Caribbean, where she was born with a natural love for helping animals. Dr. Techeira attended St. Leo University here in Florida for her undergraduate education and then later Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine in Alabama where she graduated in 2000. She continued her passion for helping animals practicing in Connecticut. Over the next several years she honed her skills before moving to the east coast of Florida and then finally here on Pine Island.

Dr. Techeira and her husband purchased Pine Island Animal Clinic in 2010 and since then it has been quite an exciting experience watching the clinic grow over the years. She enjoys practicing veterinary medicine, especially with a dedicated and caring team who are always looking to improve their medical knowledge and skills.

Along with her husband Trevor and daughter Keira, Dr. Techeira shares her home on Pine Island, with three cats Trixie, Stinky and Kiri and dog Lucky. When not in the hospital, Dr. Techeira enjoys painting, gardening, cooking and playing tennis.


Kennel Manager / Customer Care Specialist

Nicole is one of our technicians. Nicole moved to Florida shortly after 9/11 from New York. Once Nicole graduated high school she started working retail jobs until she came to work for the clinic in 2015. Nicole started in the kennel and has worked her way up to being one of our awesome Technicians. Nicole spends her spare time with her goofball dog children, Bane, a Great Dane and Delilah, a Rottweiler pup out by the pool.

Marina Harrison

Front Desk Receptionist (Super Star)

Marina is a 28-year Army verteran who served as a combat medic, liaison, and a linguist among many other things. She is active in the verteran community leading a PTSD support group as well as being active in verteran suicide/PTSD awareness.

Marina has a degree in Marine Science and has volunteered in several sea turtle rehabilitation centers throughout Florida and Georgia. She has had a multitude of rescued dogs over the years, but her best friend is her retired service dog, Rosie. The two of them love kayaking, going to the dog beach, and binge watching Netflix together.

Working at the clinic has been a great form of therapy for Marina’s PTSD as well as focusing on her new mission, loving your pets!

Devon Overbaugh


Originally from Massachusetts, Devon moved to Pine Island from North Carolina earlier this year. She has been in the veterinary field for four years now. She attended the UMass Pre-Veterinary Science program and has a special interest in canine physical rehabilitation, where she has experience with FitPaws, range of motion exercises and the underwater treadmill. She has fostered for German Shepherd Rescue of New England and loves supporting local shelters through volunteer work.

In her spare time, she is kept busy with her own dog Kindle, training and trialing in agility, FastCat, rally obedience and scentwork. When not with her dog, she is usually relaxing on the lanai with the cats; Bambi, a twelve year old Egyptian Mau and her three Oriental Shorthair kittens. Devon is also an avid kayaker and loves spending time either on the beach or in the garden.


Kennel Technician
Courtney Lawrence is One of our Kennel Tech. Super Stars . The dogs go crazy whenever they see her,because of her contangious Love for them .She always has a warm smile on hair face for both, pets & people.
Courtney started as a volunteer and has been with Pine Island Animal Clinic for almost 3 years. She was born and raised on Matlacha and has always had a passion for animals. Courtney  graduated 6 months early from North Nicholas High School. She is looking to continue her schooling in order to advance her career  in animal medicine ,and perhaps , one day become a Veterinarian herself . Courtney is looking forward to meeting  you and your pets soon!”


Kennel Technician
Cassidy grew up in Connecticut, and has been coming down to SW Florida & Pine Island her whole life , she has grandparents who reside in Matlacha .
Cassidy decided to move  to Pine Island after graduating high school in 2021,and is the newest member of our team.
Cassidy has always loved aniamls and she is now pursuing her passion by beggining her career at Pine Island Animal Clinic, and hopes to one day become a Veterinarian.
When not working she likes to spend her free time being out on the water or volunteering at helping paws animal sanctuary but equally loves being at home with her dog(Chase),  her rabbit(rose), and her 2 beta fish. 
Cassidy can’t wait to meet you and look after all your fur babies!” 



Jacky is our groomer here at Pine Island Animal Clinic. Jacky’s apprentice under Mel Young for 4 years at the Pampered Pup. Within those 4 years, Jacky learned to groom both cats and dogs. After leaving the pampered pup, she worked for a few other grooming facilities until we had the pleasure of adding her to our team in 2017. In her free time Jacky enjoys spending with family and her animals. Jacky has a house full of animals, one of them is JoJo who runs the groom room and comes to work on a daily basis to help Jacky .

Mama Kitty aka “Hood Rat”

Resident Feline Friends

Mama Kitty aka “Hood Rat” is our kitty defender that joined the team in 2013. She has lots of spunky and came from the hard knock streets of Bokeelia, Florida. She walks the halls making sure there ain’t no trouble anywhere. She protects the girls from all the trouble makers that come into her crib.


Resident Feline Friends

Spanky is our Senior Citizen Kitty. His daily goals are sleeping, eating, chasing people for their food and tripping people with his old man kitty cane. He’s always there to lend a comforting paw to anyone in- need (as long as he’s not sleeping!). You can also find him outside sun bathing in his pineapple swim trunks!


Resident Feline Friends

Boo is one of our Resident Feline Friends. He came to us as an abandoned purr box left on a locked back patio. Boo decided he wanted us to be his forever home on All Hollows Eve thus is how he was dubed his Halloween name! He has been with us since 2012 and has an undying love for anything peppermint! Every now and again you can find him roaming around sporting his “new” ferocious lion hair do